109-4730 Delta 6" jointer

by Jordan
(Boonsboro, MD, USA)

6" Delta Power Tool Division, Rockwell Manufacturing Co Jointer. Has NJ 227 Stamped on the fence and NJ255 stamped just under the knives. I have looked for a manual for a 109-4730, but can't find one. I did see online that this series of numbers maps to 1953. Does anyone have insight on a location for a manual, or a different number to use? From pictures on here, it looks like a 37-205 (but the cast iron stand has been replaced with a wooden frame), and it appears that all the old Delta Jointers use a 37- prefix for their model numbers.

I found it at a yard sale across the street, and nearly died twice trying to move the heavy beast home. I'm in the process of removing the light rust on it, greasing up the springs, and building a new guard, since the original is missing. I'm also going to wire up a new (safety) switch, since the original is on the side of the motor--under the table. This isn't the best location for a shutoff, since it is right next to the axle for the motor. The 1/2" ball crank handle to raise and lower the cutting depth is missing. I can move this with some vise grips, but I will have to get a replacement. I'll probably fashion a steampunk style handle out of oak since I'll be able to do this faster and cheaper than trying to find a replacement from ebay.

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Aug 29, 2017
by: T. E.


Sep 06, 2016
rockwell delta mod #1125171 NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought a Delta 8inch jointer at an auction it is in real good shape ,it was in a second floor barn wood working shop the roof had leak and was rusted after cleansd and polished i found the knives were dull and having a hard time finding them the only numbers i can find on the jointer are 112-5171 the knives are 1/16 x5/8x8"can not find any information as to where i might go to find them

Jun 11, 2015
Lucky Man for fiding that old Rosunrayckwell.. NEW
by: Jerry Deen

In the late 70's I picked up that same joiner and it had been used in a High School. It had no motor and the bearings were noisy. The bearings are real easy to replace only 2 of them on each side of blade in teh Headstock. I think at that time I replaced both bearings for under $20.00. I picked up a good used motor at a garage sale that was a 3/4 hp I think it is 3450 rpm. for $15.00. I did a thourough cleaning and oiling etc and it works lie a charm. I am still using it and it works like a champ.
That is back when tools were made in this country out of cast and were easy to fix and rebuild. I am still picking up old tools and restoring them. One can't buy anything new liKe the way the OLD ONES WERE MADE.
You are a Lucky man for finding that machine I hope you can get teh Crank problem fixed. The way they are designed when you turn handles it raised and lowers the gibs for setting the depth etc. When holding the uppper end fo handle it actually spin in your hand if your gibs are welll lubricated etc.

Apr 08, 2015
nice jointer - I like the solidness of cast. NEW
by: zeke

I have just bought my first jointer very similar
to yours. Mine is a Rockwell /delta 73-4760
Mine is in fairly good shape. But I would like
to buy new knives for it. I am a newby at this
and live in a rural area do I need specific knives
or will any 6 in. knives do? Where can I order them? I was told not to buy carbide because they
can't be repaired as easily as steel blades.
I also looked for a manual but could not find one. I was hoping you have more information than

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