Boice Crane Woodworking Tools

Boice Crane LogoAccording to the 1936 Boice Crane Woodworking Tools catalog, William B. and John E Boice started manufacturing woodworking tools in 1910.

"In our twenty-six years of manuafacturing and selling Bench Power Tools, we have furnished woodworking machinery to hundreds of thousands of plants, schools and craftsmen, and gained as many permanent customers and friends." -- John E. boice

The Boice Crane Company was led by four men, Harold G. Crane, John E. Boice, William B. Boice, and James R. Rettie.



It is only natural that hte four men leading the Boice-Crane Organization, with their long years of Boice Crane Band Sawexperience and engineering knowledge, devoted solety to to Boice-Crane Machines, have developed the design of the present machines to a high degree of perfection. You will find Boice-Crane Machines the finest, most accurate, and most substantial bench machinery it is possible to devis for the money.

This experience dates back to 1910 -- back to a time wen Boice-Crane was the very first to pioneer in bench machinery. Our efforts have been so successful that today, our organization owns two new manufacturing plants whick are devoted exclusively to the manufacture of Boice-Crane Bench Machinery."

Boice Crane Spindle Sander

In 1929, the company address was located at 1730 Norwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio. The Harold G. Crane factory was located in Michigan.










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Boice Crane Planers

No. 1000 Boice Crane 12" Thickness Planer

Boice Crane Table Saws

No. 1250 Tilting Arbor Table Saw (1936)
No. 1500 Tilting Arbor Table Saw (1936)
No. 2500 10" Tilting Arbor Table Saw (1947)

Boice Crane Band Saws

No. 800 Boice Crane 14" Band Saw (1936)

Boice Crane Jointer Models

No. 950 Boice Crane 4" Jointer (1936)
No. 1400 Boice Crane 6" Jointer (1936)

Boice Crane Shaper Models

No. 460 Boice Crane Shaper 91936)

Boice Crane Drill Presses

No. 1600 Boice Crane Drill Press - Bench Model (1936)
No. 1620 Boice Crane Drill Press - Floor Model (1936)

Boice Crane Sanders

No. 1136 Boice Crane Power Sander (1936)
No. 508 Boice Crane Spindle Sander (1936)

Boice Crane Scroll Saws

No. 900 Boice Crane 24" Scroll Saw (1936)

Boice Crane Wood Lathes

No. 1100 Boice Crane Gap Bed Wood Lathe (1936)
No. 1700 Boice Crane Gap Bed Wood Lathe (1936)

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