Craftsman Woodworking Tools
(Sears, Roebuck Co.)

Craftsman Table Saw 1952For years the Craftsman brand of woodworking tools, sold by the Sears, Roebuck and Co., have been used by amateur and professional woodworkers alike and had a reputation as a good quality American made tool.

Craftsman is the top of the line brand name for Sears tools. They've had other lesser quality brands including Champion, Dunlap, and Fulton. These were less expensive tools and not the quality of the tools sold under the Craftsman brand.

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Sears has had many other companies manufacture tools and machines under the Craftsman Brand. Once when I was working on a Craftsman router, I discovered that it was actually made by the Singer Sewing Machine Company. This was back in the day when Craftsman routers were all metal, not plastic. It was a great little router and I've still got it.

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Other companies that have manufactured Craftsman tools include American Machine & Tool Co., Atlas Press, Belsaw Machinery, Central Specialtiy (akd King Sealy), Emerson Electric, Parks Woodworking Co., Walker Turner Co. just to name a few. The companies that manufactured tools for Craftsman can be indentified by the first three digits of the tools model number. Most Craftsman table saws with model numbers that begin with for example, were made by the Emerson Electric Company.

This Craftsman Woodworking Tools section features many of the vintage Craftsman tools from the 1930's through those sold in Sears stores today.

If you have photos or information to share about the Sears Craftsman woodworking tools, please share your Craftsman tool photos with us.

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Vintage Craftsman Table Saws

Craftsman has been selling table saws for many years. They were manufactured by other companies such as the Emerson Electric Company and others and sold under the Sears Craftsman brand. Vintage Craftsman table saws were made of cast iron and had a reputation as being a very good quality table saw.

Craftsman 8" Table Saw
Craftsman 100 10" Tilting Arbor Bench Saw
Craftsman 10" Tilting Arbor Table Saw Model 113.7520
Craftsman Table Saw Rip Fences
Craftsman Tool Stands and Benches

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Craftsman Band Saws

Craftsman 3-Wheel Band Saw (1952)
Craftsman "100" 12" Band Saw Model No. 103.24260 (1952)
Craftsman "100" 18" Band Saw (1952)

Craftsman Jointer Models

Craftsman 4" Jointer-Planer
Craftsman 6 1/8" Jointer-Planer (1966)

Craftsman Drill Press Models

Craftsman 15 1/2" Drill Press (1966)

Craftsman Shaper Models

Craftsman High Speed Wood Shaper

Craftsman Belt and Disc Sanders

Craftsman 6 Inch Belt and Disc Sander

Craftsman Scroll Saws

Craftsman 18" Scroll Saw

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Craftsman Tool Manuals
Craftsman Table Saws
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