Antique Delta Table Saw

by James Dietz
(Farmington Hills, Michigan)

Antique Delta Table saw

Antique Delta Table saw

Hello, I recently inherited a Delta table saw from my Father after he passed away; this saw was also owned by his Grand Father. I suspect that the age of this saw is anywhere from 75 to 100 years old! I know for a fact that it is at the very least 40 years old because I remember it from when I was a kid. On one side there is a plate riveted to the housing that has a Serial Number on it (8 2205) and on the other side there are letters and numbers cast directly in the housing (TOS 203). This saw is in almost perfect condition and is totally operational! I was wondering what information you could provide on this model and its age. If need be, I can provide pictures of it, just contact me and let me know where to email them to. Any information you could provide would be GREATLY appreciated!
Thank you for your time.
James Dietz

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Nov 01, 2011
Delta/Rockwell 1160 front trunion
by: Glen

I seem to have the same problem as most with this particular saw, broken front trunion.I have found the original schematics online, with part numbers, however it appears, that even new you couldn't get a replacement for this part. If anyone has found where to get one, please contact me at, Thanks

May 27, 2011
Owners Manual TCS203
by: dave

I'm looking for a owners manual for the TCS203 Rockwell/Delta table saw you can contact me at thanks

Feb 13, 2011
Delta 1160 Table Saw Front Trunnion Part
by: Dave, South Africa

I'm looking for the "front trunnion" for a Delta 1160 table saw - in parts diagrams, ref no 70. Haven't managed to find a supllier who still has one in stock. Could anyone suggest where I could enquire?

I also inherited the unit from my late father and would like to repair this fine piece of equipment.


Feb 09, 2011
Delta Combo Saw and Jointer
by: Gary

I also have a Delta combination table saw and jointer. I inherited it and have been using it for the last 20 years or so. Both the saw and the jointer work great. I suspect that it was originally purchased in about 1940. The only shortcomings for me are lack of portability and unavailability of safety features such as blade guard. I put locking wheels on the legs of the stand so I can at least move it around in my garage, but I have yet to solve the safety problem. Does anyone know of any safety attachments that may be adapted to this saw?

I will be posting some pictures of the saw on a separate posting if anyone is interested. If you do see that posting and have any thoughts about exactly when it may have been manufactured or what the current value might be, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Jan 06, 2011
I Want to Buy a Delta 1160 Table Saw
by: Doug

I am really impressed by how heavy and solid the arbor assembly is on these saws. I have a good tilt arbor cabinet saw, but I want to restore my old Delta 1160 tilt-top table saw. Mine has broken trunnions and the main casting (apparently dropped before I bought it). I'm looking to buy replacement trunnions and main casting (TCS 203) or a more or less complete saw with those parts in good condition. I live in Northern California. Contact me at: Doug at yourwoodcraftsman dot com

Aug 22, 2010
Delta Model 1160 Tilting Table Table Saw
by: Larry Buskirk

The model no. of this saw is 1160. I have the same saw (S/N 11-745). It was introduced in the 1936 Delta Tools catalog. I have all but two of the attachments available for this saw (the no. 871 hold-downs, and 1170 tenon spacer set). I am also missing the original wrenches that came with the saw. I hope to someday find these missing items to make it complete. If anyone has these items, and would like to sell them I can be contacted at

Jul 01, 2010
Delta saw/jointer
by: Fred Schaufele

Have a similar saw, including the jointer to the left, powered by a twin shaft motor. This saw has been in our family since the late forties, second rebuild on the motor, and in use everyday in the shop. Have never seen another one like it.

May 25, 2009
Old Delta
by: Gene Freudenberg

John, I have just restored an old saw like yours. Mine is a combo with a six inch jointer on the same table. These saws were made from the latter 30's to the early fifties and can usually be dated by the table. Mine was probably made in the mid forties and has the same table style as yours.

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