Antique Monkey Wrench and Brace Drill

by Jeff Reed
(Blanchester, Ohio)

Antique Monkey Wrench and Brace Drill

Antique Monkey Wrench and Brace Drill

I would like to know the value of these tools. They belong to my grandfather. I received them when he passed away. Can anyone provide any information?

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May 07, 2011
Sentimental Value - Antique Wrench
by: Anonymous

Looks like a Coes patent screw wrench, aka monkey wrench. Coes patent was originally granted in 1800, and there were many variations made by other manufactures. These were made into the 20th Century.

Jan 16, 2011
Sentimental Value - Antique Wrench
by: Dan Andrews

I see nothing on the brace that would tell me the brand name. It appears to be a less expensive model based on the exposed ratchet mechanism. It should be worth more to you because your grandfather had it than the $5-$10 you could get for it.

Braces are rugged and will last almost forever. You may actually want to use it someday. For now hang it on a wall and think of Granddad.

Monkey wrench-??

Jan 04, 2011
Old Monkey Wrench
by: Terry

Hey Jeff, I have two of those wrenchs. I actually found the ones I have at a recycling plant I use to work at in the scrap pile. I was also wondering if they had any value. I have them on my antique tool shelf in my shop.

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