Combination Delta Homecraft 34-160 8" Table Saw & Delta Milwaukee 37-290 4" Jointer

by John Tancredi
(Audubon, PA)

Delta Homecraft 34-160 8

Delta Homecraft 34-160 8

I inherited this wonderful vintage combination Table Saw & Jointer from my father. I've used both tools with great success for building and repairing furniture. During a recent move to a new residence, I accidentally broke the die-cast front trunnion worm shaft housing (part #NCS-55-S) and also damaged the front trunnion teeth on the main body (part #NCS-1) of the table saw. I found and purchased a replacement NCS-55-S front trunnion worm shaft housing. Now I'm in search of the NCS-1 main body for my table saw.

I am able to adjust the table tilt angle without a working trunnion by manually positioning the table while having my partner tighten the trunnion star wheel. However, as you can imagine, this is quite awkward and inconvenient.

I'd love to have a full-functioning vintage table saw again, so if anyone out there knows where I can purchase an NCS-1 main body for my Delta Homecraft 34-160 8" Table Saw, please notify me at

I know that I can afford to replace this vintage combination table saw & jointer with a newer model. However, because this saw & jointer belonged to my late father, I'd really like to keep it running in his memory.

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