Craftsman 18" Jig Saw Model No. 103.23150

Craftsman 18

Craftsman 18

Nice old Craftsman 18" Jig Saw Model No. 113.23150. This saw is made of heavy cast iron and has a removable arm so that you can use it as a stationary sabre saw. The 103 prefix in the model number indicates that this saw was made by the King Seeley Corp. for the Sears Craftsman brand.

This 18" belt driven saw has bronze bearings that run in a bath of oil underneath the saw table. It cuts wood up to two inches thick, but it's slow going. The table tilts 45 degrees for mitering or beveling. It includes a blower to keep saw dust out of your way. It used 5 or 6 inch plain end saw blades.

The recommended motor is a 1/3 HP 1725 rpm capacitor start motor. The cast iron table is 12" x 12".

In 1959, this saw sold in the Craftsman catalog for $46.95 without the motor.

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Jul 27, 2016
venta NEW
by: Anonymous

donde puedo adquirir una ?

Jan 22, 2016
Need blades NEW
by: David

Where is the best place to find 5 inch or 6 inch plain end saw blades for this kind of older jig saw??? Any suggestions?

Jan 03, 2016
For sale--Craftsman model 103-23150 works good NEW
by: Cynthia

I have a Craftman model 103-23150 jig saw with a light attached for sale, I am asking $75.00. I am located in Palm, Pa. About and hour north of Philadelphia and 30 mins south of Allentown. I can send pictures if you would like to see it. My email address is -- I may be willing to accept a reasonable offer.

Nov 10, 2015
craftsman 10323151 scroll saw NEW
by: Russ

I have one that needs a protractor, motor runs,mechanism runs, some surface rust. If you need one let me know. Can send picture if interested. DFW area.

Mar 18, 2015
manual/parts list NEW
by: Anonymous

Dec 27, 2014
Craftsman 18 Scroll Saw 103-23151 need manual NEW
by: Angelo

I just purchased one model # 103-13151. It is currently not working and I am looking for a parts list or repair manual.

Dec 27, 2014
Craftsman 18 Scroll Saw 103-23151 need manual NEW
by: Angelo

I just purchased one model # 103-13151. It is currently not working and I am looking for a parts list or repair manual.

Nov 14, 2013
103.23150 NEW
by: jay

I just bought one of these. The guy fully restored it and did a fantastic job. I compared it to some of the 500 dollar saws and it blew them away. I gave him $200.00 for it and his restoration job. I also do restorations on vintage craftman machines and it was well worth it. I passed up a PS wood machine for it.It had Absolutly NO vibration. And the design actually causes air to blow the dust off so you can see your cut. No blower needed.

Aug 18, 2013
103.23150 NEW
by: Mike

This saw was made between the mid 1930's to 1944 and was built by Central Specialty Co. King-Seeley bought them out in 1944.The web site VintageMachinery.Org talks more about the history. I have one and am restoring it. It was in good condition when I was given it. Mike

Mar 24, 2012
18 inch sears scroll saw NEW
by: Anonymous

i have a sears scroll saw, 18 inch, model no.103.23151, if any one is interested in purchasing this model, good shape, works well, or does any one know the actual worth of this model now, you can reply back on this page.

Mar 23, 2012
Clarification Please NEW
by: Distant View

Your title says "Model No. 103.23150"

Your narrative says "Model No. 113.23150"

Could you verify which model number is correct, please?

Oct 06, 2011
Original Cast Iron & Wood Stand
by: Anonymous

My Dad had one of the Jig saws like the one listed. My mom gave it to him when they got married. The stand is from the early 50's . Any idea what it might be worth? It is in like new condition.

Thank You Chuck

Sep 22, 2011
I have one just like this one.
by: Craig

My grandfather passed away when i was just a kid in 1981. He was a hobby woodworker with a work shop full of tools. My only memories of him were of him in his woodshop working on a project. Somehow after all those years gone by my brother saved this jig saw. I now have a wood shop for hobby and I now have the old Sears Roebuck jig saw model no. 103.23150. I would like to refurb it and use it, but before I start I would like to know what all I need to do. I plugged it in and it works but it is well rusted. Looks well kept but has surface rust. I really want to know what chemical/rust remover I should use. Should I just strip the 12"x12" plate or do enitre saw? And what's this about a pan full of oil on the bottom? Do I need to change the oil? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Oct 06, 2009
Craftsman Jig Saw
by: Peter

I have the jig saw pictured above for sale Metro Knoxville, Tenn. area. Good condition. 865-453-8376

Oct 04, 2009
For Sale
by: Peter

I have the jig saw illustrated above for sale. Good condition. Knoxville, Tenn metro area. Call 865-453-8376

Jul 20, 2009
103 23151 Craftsman, Sears & Roebuck
by: Tom

Have a Craftsman old cast iron jig saw in good shape for FREE. Also w/motor and home made wood stand. Looks just like picture

Live in SF Bay 650 619 6879

Jun 13, 2009
14" jig saw
by: Anonymous

I recently received a 14" wood wizard jig saw -- I would like to know (1) who sold it? (2) can parts be obtained for it & if so where? I do know it was made in the U.S.A. @ Herbert Mach. Co, Los Anglos

Jun 03, 2009
Similar machine for sale
by: Rick

I've got a Delta Homecraft that looks very similar (ser. number 16665) but has the pulley on the other side.
send email to:

Apr 27, 2009
sears and roebuck tools
by: Anonymous

Does anyone have one of these models for sale?

Please email me

Sep 23, 2008
by: Anonymous

Can anyone provide a link to scans of the manual or any paperwork for this tool. I bought one for $40 bucks the other day. It was nicely mounted on a stand with the motor mounted on a lower shelf:)

Aug 14, 2008
Parts Questions.
by: Anonymous

I recently bought this jig saw and I am wondering how to get replacement parts such as a motor,or any other part that might need to be replaced. The machine still runs and needs to be cleaned a good find for $25.00 plus motor and stand.

Thanks your imput regarding this machine!


Aug 09, 2008
I just bought one of these
by: B. Cross

I just bought one of these with the motor on a stand for $25 alond with a Craftsman lathe of the same body style it was $25 and on a bench also. Both came with motors.

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