Delta 10" Table Saw

by George

I have this table saw that my granddad used for many years. The only # I can find on it is TCS 203 stamped on the side and there are some patent #'s listed also. Could you tell me how old it is & how much it's worth? Thanks

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Jan 02, 2011
Delta 34-305 Type 1 10" Table Saw
by: shadowsdog

I've used this saw to build 25 large homes, over 30 years. Foundation through furniture.
2 1/2 hp motor 220v. double belted. I have the combo with a 6" joiner. Would not be stopped. the second saw was a Walker-turner. sold it almost unused, as "Babe" ran circles around it. HEAVY. took the wheels off in 1970. welded 2x4 brackets on the long sides legs top. So as to lift in to a pickup, singled handed.
One of the best things was the lift-on push-off switch, solid connection switch.

Put a router into the table extension.
Makes you learn the skills needed to produce some great work...well made with integrity of a skilled man working his trade. Why the hell we're still not making this stuff for ourselves, makes me so angry...buying all that crap from China or "overseas".
Keep you saws in good shape and they will make you proud to pass on.

Sep 26, 2010
Re: What's it worth?
by: DWF

My experience with these saws is that their value has a lot to do with the percentage of complete OEM parts and their condition. A fully accessorized saw with the OEM motor, blade guard/splitter assy, fence, dado head and table inserts, rip fence and rails, OEM stand and so on can fetch upwards of $400 if in excellent and complete condition. The value goes down dramatically with missing or poor condition OEM components since they can be quite expensive, and if you can find them. Value also depends on potential buyers and their geographic proximity to the machine since shipping is very expensive and often not offered as an option by sellers. I hope this helps.

Sep 16, 2010
1947 Delta
by: Anonymous

I have one of these saws it no longer has the jointer with it. The Serial Number is 54-7754 which makes it a 1947 from what I have found on the Internet. I believe the old fence on it is a biesemeyer. It has a Rockwell 1 hp 115/230v motor that I run on 230v. I really like the saw.

Jun 29, 2010
TCS casting numbers
by: DWF

You should find on these saws at least 3 casting numbers, which are TCS-201 under the table top, TCS-202 on left side (inside) of the base and TCS-203 on the left side of the slide to which the table top is mounted. These are only casting numbers. I've yet to find model or serial numbers on these saws. The only additional information that I have is likely the same as others have found, which is that these saws were made by Delta in Milwaukee, WI. If I am able to provide additional information pertaining to model and serial numbers I will post it. I am also in search of an owner's manual for this saw alone or as a combo unit that includes the Delta 6" Jointer on a single stand and driven by a single 1hp motor. This will be posted as well if found.

Jun 14, 2010
don't feel alone

I've got one and I think the model # is 1160, or 34-305, or 34-307!? Only thing is, mine is a "tilt table", 'cause it has a 6 inch jointer on the other side of the table, thinking it's # is 37-205, got some serial #'s for both of'em, but can't find model #'s. all my "stamped" #'s end with 48 (is that the year)??

May 20, 2010
TCS 203
by: Skinny Bob

I also have the same saw and would like to find it's value.

Sep 29, 2008
I have probaly the same machine, am trying to find out the model also.
by: Larry

The push guide has a patent no on it is 18914010No1902-270 design 82-818 canada patent 340-750 pat'D1934 does any know what these numbers represent or can they tell what year it is.

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