Delta dss2 scroll saw

by Michael Mehle
(Maple Grove MN)

Picked it up answering an ad for a scroll saw. It was and is mounted on a nice cabinet all painted gray. The older man was in a wheel chair and couldn'y use it any longer. I used this baby to get me into the North American Wildlife Art show at the Hiatte Regency in Downtown Minneapolis Minnesota sometime in the year 1985. I Got in a bad car accident in '82 and was laid up and out of work for 4 years. I bought this saw and made wildlife reliefs with mirrored backgrounds. Some deserved painting,others just woodburning and brown tones from different stains. My biggest thrill was when renowned wildlife artist Owen Gromme walked up and stopped to look at 'our' work. I 'used' his work from an old Wildwings magazine with pictures of about 2x3 inches. Hand drew the pictures to the size I needed, transfered to the wood of choice , after I had cut the shape and routed the edges,I used this beautiful saw to cut out the unwanted wood to leave a sillouette, which I then burned in the image,etc. That was my income after the insurance ran out.I used this saw so much, I ended up braking the head that held the blade. After searching all over for a replacement,I actually found the identical saw in a window display at one of the many dead ends searching for the part. Finally ,a kind machinist at work made one for me. Can't tell the new from the old,except the aging of the metal. How wonderful! Back in action...30 years and a divorce later,6 years of storage of my complete woodworking shop that I purchased from what I got out of the accident ( is why I couldnt part with it all ) it's time ...Thanks to the greed of my ex. ,I'll never have another shop. I have come to realize with bankruptcy knocking on my door and the laws of Minnesota from divorce,again,time to stop dreaming and cave in...
Sorry , image of picture to large for this. Contact me if you wish for a photo.

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