Delta Rockwell 4 inch Jointer 37-290

by Brian
(Greensboro, NC)

Delta 4 inch jointer with table top base extension (mount). Its called a Deluxe jointer. Model 37-290. I was going to sell it and then I found out that there is a real following and all the parts available for these great tools.

I am looking for the stand that was manufactured for these jointers and willing to purchase and or trade my Delta table-top mount (cast) extension for the 8x16 angle iron stand that bolts together. The stand with the legs that flute out with almost a tiger paw shape. This stand looks like it was also used under belt sanders and other Delta shop equipment.You have a picture of the stand above.

I feel like I have a piece of history and want to refurbish the old "geezer" and give it a new lease on life. All I really need is some new blades and I plan on replacing the bearings just to be safe. i am an aircraft mechanic and we tend to error on the side of preventive maintenance to avoid failure. My motor has the wrong pulley on it and I may be turning the drum too slow. If I go to all this trouble, I am thinking about having a machine shop match grind the feed tables if there is a correct method of getting that done. Can you help me find a stand? I would be happy to send before and after pictures. I also need to buy a manual when I get a stand which will really motivate me. Thanks Brian

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Dec 01, 2010
I think I just bought one like yours - Delta 37-290
by: Earl

But I can't seem to see your picture of the jointer. I was also wondering what size pulleys you used as one article said the rpm's were 1750 with their factory 1/3 hp motor. Mine has a very old and big motor I will search and see f I can find it's rpm. I imagine the rpms would affect the performance of the jointer so I wanted to get it right. I was impressed with the quality of this old machine compared with the new ones. I adjusted it up and sharpened the blades and played with it quite a while and was surprised how good it worked for it's age. Bearings are still tight after all these years. They sure don't make them like that, for an affordable unit for a home hobbyist. Thanks

Nov 30, 2010
4 inch Delta Jointer 37-290
by: Anonymous

I promised some photos of my 37-290 Jointer project. New bearings, blades and a stand made for the jointer as well as the right pulley combination made this a fun project.
The only item not shown was a reworked AC ducting (register reformed and shaped to cover the 4.25 inch exhaust hole in order to collect all the wood chips. I also went with a 3/4 HP motor and a balance pulley which made it very smooth and vibration free.

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