Old Draw Knife

by Kenny Reid
(Cowpens S.C.)

I have a old type of draw knife , I was wondering what it;s called and used for ? the best I can describe is as follows, it;s about 16 inches long with removable blades in the knife part held in place by screws , the blade is straight , not curved , the handles are attached at different angles , on one end the handle runs long ways with the blade and the other end handle is attached cross ways , like the top of the letter T, the knife itself looks like the letter T. If you could give me any information about this knife i would greatly appreciate it .
Thank you
Kenny Reid

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Jan 15, 2011
about your tool
by: Tom

I have somthing very much like the one you have mentioned but mine is like a regular draw knife but cross bare where blade would normaly be is in a bent positions and in center it as a thumb set screw for tighting the blade in place. there is a number on the blade number 7 and is straight cut about 1 inch to 1 and 1/4 inches wide. ca hold diferent attachments for cutting
like a small scoop, a dished cutter a V grove type cutter
all types

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