Powr-Craft 8" Table Saw - Montgomery Wards

Powr-Craft 8

Powr-Craft 8" Table Saw - Montgomery Wards

This Power Kraft 8" table saw was found at a garage sale in Sacramento, CA. It takes an 8" diameter blade and has the original 1/2 HP capacitor start motor. I'm not sure about the date of manufacture for this saw but believe it to be in 1940's or 1950's.

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Feb 25, 2012
Need a rip fence NEW
by: Rich

I have a power kraft TMG 3332A table saw that I got from my Dad years ago. I had to put a different motor on it, and since it is not original the blade will nor tilt. But that is OK because I use it mainly to rip and cross cut. The rip fence got dropped and I JB welded it back together but would like to find a good one.

Jan 13, 2012
Powr Kraft Table Saw NEW
by: teish_s

I have a Wards Powr Kraft 100 Model TPF 3331 vintage table saw that works superbly on ebay right now.
My ebay name is teish_s

Jun 25, 2011
I have the identical saw for sale
by: John

I am having a garage sale tomorrow. I believe it is a 1943 saw? It works great...metal stand on rollers and everything...except the rip protector that goes over the blade. It has the push thing that goes in the grove and has an angle dial on it and the metal adjust fence with a fine tensioner? Anyways...if anybody is interested call my cell 480-612-1250...Arizona means not rust.

Mar 21, 2011
Rip Fence Bearing
by: Josh

I have a 10" Power Kraft table saw that I just finally restored after 12 months of on again off again tinkering. Finally ready to put on the fence and I'm missing 1 of the 2 bearings that hold the fence secure to the bottom of the front side of the saw. I've had to replace a few other parts but I'm stumped here. Any help would be appreciated.



Feb 24, 2011
Rip Fence for PowerKraft 8" Table Saw
by: Dave Parsons

Hello fellow woodworkers,

I have an identical 8" PowerKraft table saw like the one in the photo & need the rip fence. Would be willing to buy the whole saw if necessary.

Thanks, Dave

Oct 08, 2010
Angle Adjust
by: Andrew Bevel

I own the same or similar table saw that I bought used off the Craigslist. My problem is that the angle adjust for the blade is jammed. I tried liquid wrench on the worm gear, but no luck. Do you or the other folks on this forum know how I can get the angle adjust to move? The saw works great, but it can not be use for any fine ripping because I can not set the blade at 90 degrees to the table.

Please help!


Andrew Bevel

May 18, 2010
help needed
by: mitch

I have a power kraft 1/2 horsepower table saw that was my grandfathers I was wondering what it is worth. Appreciate any help thanks.

Mar 07, 2010
12" Power Kraft table saw motor housing and belt
by: Anonymous

I am looking for the motor housing and a replacement belt for my table saw. Can anyone help? Thnaks

Feb 24, 2010
by: gary

have a power kraft 84fd-2259 8" table saw in the back of the car on its way to the Good Will store.
It was given to dad in '46 or 47 as worn out, has been in use since then, now is pretty tired and been replaced by a cheap 10". The 8" saw only, no motor weight much more than the complete 10" with motor and stand

Dec 31, 2009
84 KR 3315 Powr-Kraft Table Saw
by: Jody

I have the 8" Powr-Kraft table saw also. I am currently trying to refurbish it and having a tough time finding information on this model. Specifically, I am looking for a parts manual or diagram. It would also be helpful if anyone could post a photo of what the motor side looks like. I think mine has been heavily modified with the motor mount.

Oct 18, 2009
12'' power kraft montgomery ward table saw
by: cassidy

Would anyone know where I could find the housing that the motor of a 12'' montgomery ward powerkraft table saw sits in. The saw itself is in great condition and works, but the housing itself is made from hard plastic and needs to be replaced, any suggestions?? please email me at cassidywd@gmail.com

Oct 14, 2009
Power Kraft Table Saw
by: Dave Parsons

I have an identicle saw & need the rip fence handle mechanism. I dropped mine & the pot metal cracked. Tried to repair it with no success. Any suggestions as to where I might find the part?

Oct 01, 2009
wards power kraft 100 table saw
by: al tuomey

I have one of these. I need to know what size pulley wheel fits the blade arbor? My motor hangs off the back for the tension. Thanks, Al

Jul 22, 2008
Power Kraft table saw
by: Ed Barnes

I have an identical table saw that I got from my dad I think he bought it new. I will ask him when he bought it. Mine has a home made base, but does have the original 1/2 HP motor. I also have the original blade guard (metal, not see through) and the crosscut gauge, and rip fence. I have not been able to find an 8" blade for it. My dad was using a 7 1/2" circular saw blade.

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