Vintage Delta Unisaw - Chicago

by Todd Holland
(Chicago area, IL)

Side View - Delta

Side View - Delta

I purchased this saw from the original owner's son 2 years ago at a yard sale in the Chicago metro area. I happened to drive by, saw the yard sale sign and decided to stop in, with no intention of purchasing a table saw.

Having grown up with parents who loved to shop for antiques, the "picker" in me saw a table saw. I noticed one other gentleman looking over the piece, so I decided to stand my distance, readying my chance to pounce on the opportunity if it arose. As it turned out, the saw was wired for 220vac, which turned the first guy away. After hearing the story about the seller's father being the original owner and the saw being at least 30 years old, I knew this was a bargin purchase. The asking price was $100.00 and the seller wasn't budging.

Fortunately I lived a couple blocks away and with only $10.00 in my pocket, I put down that cash to hold it while I fled to the ATM to withdraw the balance.

Now how to get it home...... I convinced my very particular wife to let me use her SUV (she's particular about the appearance of the vehicle). With the seller and myself as muscle, we were able to hoist the behemoth onto the rear, but not without scratching the plastic GM bumper. I was in TROUBLE!..... but not worried since I had found what I believed to be a very nice saw at a bargin price.

I've used the saw to build raised panel doors for a pantry project and most recently used it to build a custom build Les Paul Guitar. I found the top to be dead flat and used it to clamp a cut belt sand paper, which I used to sand flat a guitar neck. It worked great.

I attempted to photograph the saw from differnt angles. I've learned from other posts (Thank you) that this saw has the original cast iron goose egg cover (which is heavy). It also has a 1 HP, dual 115/220 vac motor. I rewired it to 110 vac, which has less torque, but was an easier job than wiring in 220 vac from my breaker panel.

I'm guessing this could be a 60's or 70's vintage saw, any help on locating identifying marks or features that would better date the piece would be greatly appreciated. I'm tempted to sell the tool to make room in my garage, but recently aquired a vintage Craftsman drill press.

It seems I've been fortunate to stumble upon a few vintage tool items and now have a small collection. I use all the tools for my guitar building and am building most items "old school" with elbow grease as needed and the vintage tools where precision is needed.

Thanks for reading!

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I Have a Similar Delta Unisaw - need model number
by: Scott

Nice find! I have a saw that looks just like yours.
I'm missing the arbor nut and blade washer however. Is your saw a right hand tilt? If so, could you tell me your model number? I can not locate it on my saw and am having a hard time finding replacement parts.
Thank you,

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