Wilton Boice Crane Division

by David Phillips
(Canton, Texas )

It is a 10" Wilton Boice Crane Division. The blade tilts to the right by using a crank wheel on the left side of heavy cast iron base. There is a bolt at the back to tighten to keep the angle. The blade is raised/lowered using a crank wheel on the front with another shaft to tighten after blade height is set.

It has a 62" Delta Unifence Saw Guide bolted onto the front of the cast iron table. the old saw has not been used during the last 7 years and all adjustments were "frozen". I spent a day cleaning, oiling, and freeing all parts. There is a sticker near the motor saying Poly Flex Belt 5 M975. A stamped plate on upper,left of base tells it is Cat.#552950 Serial #130. SchillerPK. Illinois.

It is a floor model with a heavy cast iron base to the floor. It is very accurate. The best table saw i have owned.The miter slide has a hold-down clamp made onto it. The blade raising mechanism is made to raise and lower straight up/down, not in an arc.

Pelletholder@aol.com David Phillips 903-567-7151

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Oct 17, 2014
Boice Crane 27201 NEW
by: Jeff C

I am looking for a maintenance manual and parts list for a Boice Crane/Wilton drill press. Model # 27201. Anyone out there that has one or knows that has one. Please let me know at jeffc@peszbros.com. Thanks

Sep 25, 2012
Wilton - Boice Crane Table Saw
by: Mike Bowen

I have serial number 136. Just got it from a guy in Fort Worth and it's in fantastic shape. Can't wait to clean and oil and adjust! Buying old iron is better than buying a new imPort!

Dec 14, 2011
My Wilton Boice Crane table saw is working great !
by: David Phillips pelletholder@aol.com

I had to put new bolts in to secure the angle and elevation of the blade. I had to add set screws to the blade drive pulley because the key had bbn missing for ? years causing damage to the shaft.I want a copy of operating manuel and info on anyone that knows where to get bearings and parts that will work in case of future failure.

Nov 22, 2010
I wrote the previous post
by: Anonymous David Phillips

The blade on my Wilton Boice Crane tilts to the right when looking from the rear when tightening the bolt to secure the setting.

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