10" craftsman tilting arbor bench saw (model #113.27520) and 4 3/8" Jointer (model #103.23340) with original manuals

by Robert
(Wernersville, PA)

I was given these 1952 era tools by my grandfather. Both are in good, fully working condition, but I no longer have the motors, just the tools themselves. I also have the original operating instruction and owner's manuals for both of them. I'm interested in their value and am also interested in selling both of them, together or seperately. Any information/inquiries would be appreciated. Please contact me at wolfwmn777@aol.com. Thanks!

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Mar 27, 2012
Broken adjustor screw
by: Kevin

Hello! I have the 113.27520, and was wondering, does anyone know the Sears part number, or at least the actual name, for the bolt used for motor tension? The pivot pin is fine, but that bolt is sheared off, and I need a new one. Thanks!!

Oct 03, 2011
by: Peter

I have the 27520 and the lift screw item 6328 is wearing badly. I am looking for a source for the part or a machine that could be broken down for parts. If anyone finds a source I would love to hear about it.

May 14, 2010
any luck?
by: Jon Ward

I also have this model of saw, and the motor mount is cracked as well. Sears doesn't carry the part anymore. Have you had any luck in finding a replacement?

Mar 26, 2010
Need parts for 113.27520
by: Dustin G

Has anyone found a place that carries parts for model number 113.27520. We are a glass company that still uses this saw and want to repair it. Please let me know on the forum. I will keep checking.

Oct 28, 2009
Craftsman Model 113.27520 Accessories
by: Scott

My father recently aquired this saw - it belonged to my mother's grandfather. He has since restored the saw to like new quality. He downloaded the literature from the web and is missing a few accessories to make it complete.
Rip Fence Rack # 6305
Blade Guard # 9-2791

Any suggestions as to where I could find these would he great!!!!!

May 16, 2009
Craftsma Model # 113. 27520
by: Anonymous

i bought this bench saw from art volzt, who
has passed on. he told me his uncle built a
house in in. with it. im am curious of the year
it was made by craftsman? its in very good working condition, is there any value to this
vintage saw. Thank you for your time.

Apr 30, 2009
Broken Craftsman Motor Mount
by: Frank

The motor mount on my model 113.27520 tablesaw was also broken and it was successfully welded for a working repair. I advised the welder to keep the pivor holes aligned and he did so with welding rod while welding the breaks.

I have refurbished this saw completly and built a cabinet for it to mount on and provide storage space. I also replaced the factory fence with an HTC 900 fence system and it works very well. I also added a folding outfeed table and a router table extension. The only thing I am missing is the blade guard.

Good luck with your saw

Apr 18, 2009
Need parts 6428 and 6429
by: DaveM

I have the same model saw 113.27520 and need the bracket that the motor mounts on as mine cracked. The saw has a lot of sentimental value. Send me an email to david_mueller@yahoo.com. I can provide picture of exactly what I need.

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