4" joiner

by Robert Handley
(Springville, UT. USA)

I just bought a small 4" joiner that is in what appears to be in pretty good shape.It has no name tags on it or names on the frame that are visible. It was pretty dirty, so I figured I would take it apart and clean it up a bit check for unseen damage and maybe even a little new paint on it to spiff it up once it is all cleaned up.

Once I got it all took apart and cleaned on the top of the cast Iron base they had the company name place where it was made and a what I assume a model number on it. Walker Turner Co.: Plainfield N.J.; TP140.

Now that I have it all torn apart everything on it is in really good condition, except for the brass bushings/Bearing. I guess I can press them out and machine a couple of new ones to make it run a bit tighter. Also the guy I had bought it from told me he had pulled the old felt out of the bushing holders and had replaced it with new. But all he did was tore out the old felt ring out of the housing and tried to stuff some felt cloth down around the shaft holding the cutter. Also there is no safety cover over the knifes, all of the cover is missing.

I was wondering if new felt ring and the safety cover can be bought, or am I on my own to try and reproduce my own replacements. I notice on your list of machine my model number is not listed their. I would like to see a picture of one of these models so I can see what the knife cover looks like. I was wondering about modifying the bushing housings so I could put modern sealed bearing in the unit. But don't know if this piece of equipment is rear and should be kept intact with original parts. Any information would be nice please contact me at utahsilver@yahoo.com



P.S. One I have it back together again i will post a couple of pics

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