circular saws

by Jose
(New York City)

saw with gullwing case open

saw with gullwing case open

I have 2 old circular saw that i believe to be from th 50's or 60's. I have not been able to find out much about them. I have not seen any that have the same style of case. If anyone has information on where i can aquire information I would be greatful.

A collector like every one else


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Aug 17, 2010
I have the same saw
by: Steve Hawthorne

I recently acquired a saw just like the one in the picture. The only difference is that the top of the case lifts off. My saw was purchased new in 1953 by a friend of mine who is now 89 years old. He bought it to build a house. When the house was completed, the saw was packed away with a large collection of other craftsman tools and never used again. I inherited the entire collection. Many of the tools were wrapped in 1954 newspaper.

Oct 25, 2009
same saw for sale
by: wizzard

have what apears to be the same saw and case with paperwork dated 08/52.people wanting to buy don't know what to shape

May 11, 2009
Old Craftsman Saw
by: Anonymous

Had one similar to this I bought used for 15 dollars about 1962. Used this is my business till about 10 years ago. A little on the heavy and akward side bu that large base always gave 90 degree cuts even when reaching out in some strange position. Finally burnt up the armature and retired it to a shelf in the shop as it was my first power saw and couldn't bear to toss it.

May 06, 2009
craftsman circular saw in steel case
by: Anonymous

I just stumbled across this saw and had to have it. On the case in front by the handle is the patent #. I t looks identical to the one in the picture. Patent # 2695210 says the date is November 23, 1954. The one I have has the original manual, blades, parts list,wrenches, and rip guide

Mar 27, 2009
Craftsman Circular Saw in Steel Case
by: Anonymous

I have one in a case like the one pictured. It is a 6 1/2" in mint condition that I believe was manufactured in the 50's or 60's.

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