Craftsman 10" Table Saw No. 00922114000

Craftsman 10" Table SawHeavy-duty cast-iron, base-mounted Trunnion System provides greater stability and makes table-to-blade adjustments easy. Interior mounted TEFC motor reduces stress, minimizes heeling.

Heavy-duty cast-iron, base-mounted Trunnion System provides greater stability and makes table-to-blade adjustments easy. Interior mounted TEFC motor reduces stress, minimizes heeling.

Item No. 00922114000
Mfr. Model No. OR35505




  • 3/4 cabinet-style stand for more efficient dust collection
  • Cast-iron table is T-slotted for miter gage use and allows for thru-table stop adjustments
  • Wide-body extruded fence system with Opti-Lock and 24 in. L and 25 in. R capacities
  • Miter gage extension and stop supports accurate crosscutting and repetitive crosscutting
  • Dust collection chute with 4 in. port
  • 2-point EZ-off blade guard
  • Micro-adjustable fence lets you fine-tune settings
Arbor Size: 5/8 in.
Arbor Type: Standard
Saw Type: Table saw
Table Dimensions w/Extensions: 40 x 27 in.
Extension Material: Cast iron
Table Material: Cast iron

Fence Type: Front locking, micro-adjustable
Fence Material: Aluminum extrusion
Left Rip Capacity: 24 in.
Right Rip Capacity: 25 in.

Amps: 15/7.5
Horsepower: 1.50 hp
Drive Type: Belt drive
Speed Range RPM: 3450 rpm

Craftsman Table Saw Reviews

I purchased this saw in March of 2007. Assembly takes about 3- 31/2 hours but it is worth it. Once assembled, I made an octagonal box, using only the stock miter gauge and blade. The joints fit perfectly.

I would recommend this saw to any home craftsman upgrading from a benchtop saw. I make boxes, tables and cabinets for my shop and my family. The base is very stable.

The only suggestion would be for a mobile base, this saw is heavy, 385 lbs. That is part of what attracted me to the saw, it is substantial and well made. I was able to get it for $611 + tax with my Crafstman Club discount. At that price, I added the 5yr in home maintenance agreement.

I have had this saw for a year now and it has been a joy and fun to use. It is important to take the time on set up so that you end up with a tool that gives you excellent repeatable cuts. Like any tool, heavy use calls for to check blade alignment. Keep the fences squared and the result are very good cuts. The only weakness is the Micro Adjust Assemble, takes too much effort to use, a slight tap moves the fence just as good.

I have had this saw for two years now. First project was rebuilding stairs in oak. Saw went through the oak like butter. Took my time setting it up. Only the rip fence needed minor adjustment.Cuts are extremely accurate. May not be what the serious high end cabinet maker wants but for the rest of us you can't go wrong.

Well I have built cabinets and have done other woodworking projects. But the time came when I needed a new saw and after comparing Dewalt, Jet and Skill I discovered that this saw had the most BANG for the buck. Make no mistake this thing is HEAVY. Bring help and a truck to take it home. Setup was quick and straight forward. The owners manual is done up nicely with photos and tips. I did however after using it for a week upgrade the fence to a BIESEMEYER and the miter gauge to a Kregs precision unit. The saw cuts like butter through any hardwood and wont hesitate or stall. Thanks to the large dust collection port in back hookup to my dust collector was fast and painless. This is the perfect saw for any small to mid sized shop

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