Craftsman 36" Wood Lathe

by James T. Johnson
(Alexander, AR USA)

Craftsman Wood Lathe

Craftsman Wood Lathe

I purchased this old lathe about 3 years ago and am just getting around to cleaning it up. I find that it does not have a Make, model No. or S.No. on it. Each of the parts have a number stamped on them, which I assume is a part number. It has a Craftsman motor, which gave me the idea it was a Craftsman. I also showed a photo of the lathe to a person I know that does lathe work and he said he thought it was a Craftsman. It has a Craftsman Copy Crafter with it. Model No. 113-24907 S No. 94096P0289. I found a Manual for the Copy Crafter, but I have not found anything on the lathe.

I am uploading a photo of the lathe with the Copy Crafter in the background. Could anyone give me an idea of the Make and Model Number.

Thank You

Jim Johnson

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Sep 16, 2011
by: Bill

I've got one of these lathes and the headstock is starting to wobble a bit. Someone told Me I needed to replace the bearings in the headstock around the spindle. the numbers are not readable. Does anyone have an idea as to their numbers so I can order them from Timken,I'm not ordering from sears anymore their bearings wear out to quick.

Jul 10, 2011
I have that wood lathe
by: Brandon

I was given a wood lathe exactly like that but the motor was busted and the belt ring was on the lathe itself. i have a short belt that came with it but no motor. one of the material holders on the lathe is broken if you find out the what model it is and the manufacturing year(s) it was made please contact me at

May 13, 2011
I just bought one yesterday
by: Jay

I recently decided to try my hand a wood turning. I found one on Craig's List including three calipers, a hand built stand and 9 turning tools for $50. The only thing I can't figure out is how to slow it down as it looks like the pulleys are basically a mirror image of each other. It seems like regardless of how you place them, the speed will be the same.

Mar 09, 2011
Craftsman 36 Inch Wood Lathe Origin
by: ken

It is Craftsman, originally made by Duracraft. Rigid also sells the same lathe different color. Mine is a Duracraft with the Sears copy crafter attachment, Rigid number WL1200, can't remember the Craftsman model #, start by Googling Duracraft lathe and you'll come across a ton of info,

Feb 26, 2011
Craftsman Wood Lathe
by: Anonymous

I see on one of the pictures of a lathe with no model number. I have the same lathe, model number 113228162. I seem to have all the parts, except the faceplate. Does any one have this model that would like to sell for parts? I also have parts to the copier for this lathe,but its not all there.

I would like to buy all or any part for it and I'm also interested in a Craftsman lathe model number 113.249070, So if any one has the complete lathe or copier, for this craftsman wood lathe
please contact me at email:

Thanks - Roger

Feb 21, 2011
Replacement Spur Center for Lathe No. 113.23881
by: Anonymous

This lathe uses an MT-1 Morse taper spur center. They are available at Woodcraft or in any of the wood turning catalogs like PSI or Craft Supply. They are not obsolete. If Sears still had them they'd cost to much anyway.

Jan 16, 2011
Craftsman Wood Lathe Parts Model 113.23881
by: Anonymous

I have the same wood lathe. model # 113-23881. I also need some parts. Mine is missing the taper spur center and point. I looked it up on line at sears. they no longer make theses parts. Anyone know where I can buy the parts I need? Any help would be appreciated.

Dec 25, 2010
Some Help with Craftsman 36 Inch Wood Lathe
by: jim m

i bought that exact same lathe, but i don't have a chuck to do the work like hollowing bowls. it has all the other parts. even the covers and knobs. did they make a chuck for it back then?

Dec 13, 2010
I've got your number
by: Bob C

As one of your respondents mentioned, your lathe is missing the cover for the multiple pulley that is powered by the AC motor. I can help you with your quest for the model number however. The model number is 113.228000 for lathe only and 113.228160 to add the motor. I have the original owners manual, it was printed in April 1984. I also have the Copy Crafter, model 113.249070, sometimes they drop off the last digit if it is a zero. I've had my lathe for years but it runs perfectly. My Copy Crafter has lost some parts due to several moves. I checked yesterday for the cost of a scan of the manual to a file and they want .30 a page for 24 pages or $7.20 plus tax = $7.92. From that point, I could email it to you as a PDF file. Kinko's wants .49 cents a page for copies, if that would help. I am posting my lathe on craigslist, Mobile for $170, including the Copy Crafter.

Jul 25, 2010
craftsman 36" wood lathe/ router crafter
by: Jerry

While you can do minor turnings with this lathe,you'll soon want to upgrade if you get serious about turning. Rather than try to find the missing parts i suggest you get a used 1236 Jet or other make. look on ebay to get an idea. What you have in the background is not a copy crafter.It is a router crafter.You need to attach a router to it

Mar 29, 2010
just bought this exact lathe today for 75$
by: Anonymous

Just bought this exact lathe today, again no model number on it at all, love to get some info on it.

Feb 02, 2010
Face Plate Turning
by: david

I have the same lathe and am trying to turn a bowl on a face plate on the outside. Anyone know how to adjust this lathe so that this can be done?

Jan 25, 2010
by: David S.

I would estimate the price at around $150-$200 if it comes complete with motor, lathe and table. I just checked craigslist and they have one listed at $130.

Jan 23, 2010
Sears & Roebuck lathe
by: Dennis West

I just looked at a job ( I am a carpenter)and the home owner would like to barter with a model no. 113.23881 lathe. The lathe is like new condtion and the wood table is still in the packing box.Also comes with chisle.I dont thik the lathe has been used much all.I would like to know if any one would know the value of it?

Jan 14, 2010
Awesome Craftsman 36" Wood Lathe
by: zachary

I have the exact same model. Have been using it for years, works great,even though the keyway on the bottom tends to come off.
thanks for the info tho i need a pulley.
going to rigdid now

Nov 24, 2009
by: David S.

Hi Scott,
Do you still have any parts left from the 113.23881 lathe? I just picked one up and I need the foot and one knob.
d.a.v.i.d.a.t.e.k.@.g.m.a.i.l..c.o.m (remove the extra periods)

Nov 11, 2009
Craftsman 36
by: Paula Hall

I am looking at a lathe for sale that is this model. Do you like how it works? Can you give me the bed length and diameter. I don't have the specs yet.

Thank you,

Nov 05, 2009
by: Paul Goddard

I have the same lathe. I have read that they were made for Sears Craftsman brand by Rigid. Rigid kept making them for a few years after Craftsman dropped them. You can get some parts under the Rigid brand.

Oct 12, 2009
Craftsman Lathe
by: Kenny

I have the exact same, if not very similar model lathe as you. Mine has the following stamped on it:
MODEL NO. 113.23881

I believe that it was made between 1957-1959

Oct 12, 2009
36" wood lathe
by: Scott Byrd

I found a lahte frame that looks identical to yours,it has the the drive and shield yours appeares to be missing ,if you are interested I would be happy to send you any and all needed parts as mine is missing to many pieces to be resorected.

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