Craftsman Corrugated Bottom 14 inch Jack Plane No. 3747

by George Brooks
(Oak Harbor, Washington, USA)

Craftsman Jack Plan

Craftsman Jack Plan

Am considering starting a plane collection following the gift of a few old tools fell in my lap. I was surprised to see how beautiful and with what care some woodworking tools in the past were produced, and amused to see the original price on the box it came in. Why bother finishing the sides of a plane with chasing and why is the bottom grooved?

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Aug 16, 2010
14 inch plane
by: Anonymous

This example looks like new; very good collector's item. The grooves in the bottom reduce friction, and provide small chips a place to get out of the way of the work. The finish was a fad many years ago, when the technique was first developed. There was more pride in producing quality then.

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