Craftsman model 100 part number 113.29991 is this just an older model ?

by John N.
(Edmonds, WA)

Back side of Saw, but you can see color.

Back side of Saw, but you can see color.

It is a solid machine on the sears stand, the body is gold, most I have seen are gray. It is a 10" tilting, left leaning, one extension on the left two table extensions on the right, 1 horsepower motor. It has been stored in friendly surroundings and is pretty much perfect and all original. My uncle a career Sears employee and woodworker, gave me the saw and I am just curious as to its vintage

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Oct 21, 2010
Still Going....
by: Nancy

I have the "gold" Sears table saw. It was my dad's and was passed down to me. I am almost 60 years old and I have a picture of me watching him and I am table high. So , somewhere in the early 1950's is when they started making them.I use mine every day, works like a "spring chicken". You can still get some parts for them from Sears.

Sep 01, 2010
I have gold Craftsman model 100 part number 113.29990
by: S.Fay

I also have inherited a table saw of this type from my grandfather in-law.
He was loyal Sears/Craftsman user (so I expect he bought it new), but have no true details. Either the base was lost or never purchased because it the table saw stands on a much broader wooden frame of serious engineering. He also appear to have made a much larger table extension (also of wood) with separate legs.
Sorry, I only received it this week, so I haven't set it up and tested it yet (hence no photo). It also still has what appears to be the original Sears/Craftsman 1 horsepower capacitor motor mdl 113.19092.

Aug 10, 2010
Gold color models
by: Anonymous

I bought 2 103.22161 8" table saws. One is grey and one is gold. I asked lots of people about the gold color and someone told me it was a 1957 and that was Sears or craftsmans 50th year anniversary model. 50 years being a golden anniversary color. Does anyone know if its fact or fiction? Thanks

Aug 06, 2010
Model 100 Craftsman Table Saw
by: Larry from Texas

I inherited a Model 100 also, it was my fathers,I was about Ten years old when he bought it. He built our home using this saw. It is also gold, with the same stand. Only thing that I can remember he had to replace the motor. I am using it now. Looks like I will be replacing the motor if I cannot get the bearings for it. They are a little dry.

May 19, 2010
I have SAME saw
by: Dennis M.

I have the SAME saw and am happy to say it still works VERY WELL after 55 years. I believe these were introduced as a "Special Model" around 1952 and was painted Gold instead of the standard blue/grey. I did replace the motor with a 3HP but everything else is original.

Happy and Safe Woodworking!

Jan 02, 2010
i have one that was handed down
by: shawn from texas

My father gave me the gold model. he had picked it up at a garage sale for 20 dollars 20 years earlier and its the one i use today!

Nov 16, 2009
by: Anonymous

My mom bought my dad this saw in the mid 1950's before I was born. I still use this saw to this day.

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