Craftsman Planer Attachment

by Joel Wittman
(Culdesac, ID USA)

Craftsman Planer Attachment

Craftsman Planer Attachment

It's an attachment for a skilsaw. No-one I know has ever seen or heard of it. A friend picked it up at a "used household equip." store. It's in excellent shape, though there is some stuff missing. Anyone know anything about them?

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Aug 19, 2011
Similar Part would work
by: Anonymous

I have the base basic unit only without the fixture on top of this picture explained earlier to attach it to a radial arm saw. Mine has two "y" shaped clamps that would hold the base of a skill saw. You remove the blade and replace it with a 2 1/2" inch or so pulley (included) and install a vacuum cleaned belt to power the cutter head.
I have never seen one like it until you posted this one.
I am assuming based on the paint scheme that it is about an early 1960's model.

Jan 25, 2011
Planer Attachment for Radial Arm Saw
by: Jim

The planer attachment shown is made to attach to a radial Arm Saw. The bracket with the hole would clamp to the saw's motor by removing the saw's blade and guard.

A pulley and belt would be attached to the saws arbor. There was another version of the planer attachment that converted a circular saw into a planer.

Jan 16, 2011
Craftsman Planer Attachment
by: Ron

Never seen that item, but I have a couple of Craftsman planer attachments for drills (Model 605-26320). They MIGHT share the guide fence, shoe, and even cutterhead, but everything else looks different.

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