Craftsman Table Saw 103-22160

by Frank Smith
(Frisco Texas)

I need part #37418. Not sure of the name of the part but it has a rod that sticks out to aline the motor position. Also the electrical cord has dry rotted. Is this easy to replace and how does this connect to the motor. Do the wire ends screw on with connectors or is it soldered on? Trying to fix this up since it has sentimental value due to being my father in laws that passed away a couple of years ago.

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Jun 21, 2010
by: Anonymous

Where can someone get blades? Thanks

Apr 02, 2010
very simlar 8 inch saw
by: Dave

I have a very similar 8 in saw that I inherited from my father. It' a model 103.23830. He hasn't used it in years... I can still remember him using it in the early 60's in our basement. I have the original manual, guards and blades (including dado blades), motor, and fence(some in original boxes). I hope to get it running again soon. I'll try to find the time to take some pictures, the manual is quite yellow with age, but hopefully I can Scan it and submit it.

Feb 23, 2010
Craftsman 103-22160 Parts
by: Anonymous

I feel lucky to have this saw while my inlaws are still alive, but when I first started reading you're post I thought it was me who wrote it. I didn't have a hard time with the cords, though I left the inner wires alone, I broke that arm thing as soon as I finaly got her running.
I can't help you find the part but my idea is to weld a "plate" to the back of the part and cross my fingers.
Please, if you find the part, let the rest of us know. Thanks

Nov 04, 2009
Same problem
by: Anonymous

Frank, my sympathy on your loss. I also have the exact same problem. When I was tilting the blade the motor didn't slide easily and it snapped the splitter bracket (my alignment rod is ok)
Please let me know where you end up finding the part & I will do the same if I find one

Sep 28, 2009
by: Thomas H.

I am sorry about your father in law, I still have mine and honestly I don't know what I will do when he is gone. We have nearly comletely rebuilt my house over the past five years and in many ways I am closer to him than to my father (no disrespect intended)
I don't know what date you posted this question/comment and I hope you have gotten your answers but just in case you have not the part number you have asked about is called "Splitter Bracket" and is item #29 in the OEM manual. However the rod you spoke of is a separate part and is listed as "Motor Alignment Rod" part # 37636 and is shown as item #17 in the OEM manual.
My father in law also has this exact bench saw and I am currently looking for a part for his and found the original manual on a web site Finding parts is a different story. SAo far I have found some on ebay. As far as the motor cord I am sorry to say that if it is a Craftsman motor the connections will likely be soldered but may well be worth taking to a local motor shop to have replaced. Good luck to you.
PS my email address is "" in case you may have other questions I might be able to help you with.

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