Delta Rockwell Power Tools 1957

Delta Rockwell Power Tools 1957 - Rockwell-Built Delta Power Tools are known for their famous quality features.


Proof Based on Performance

In factories -- in school workshops -- on the job with builders and in the best home workshops, users report that Rockwell-Built Delta Power Tools satisfy their most rigid requirements for accuracy, economy, versatility and complete year-in and year-out dependability. Install them in your operation and let them establish performance records for you.

No Other Power Tools Offer So Much

It's the famous Delta Quality built into each Delta Power Tool that makes the difference. hidden features, such as lubricated-for-life ball bearings, precision bored bearing seats, precision ground spindles, and dynamically balanced pulleys, guarantee that when you buy Delta -- you buy the best.

Five Reasons for Delta Power Tool Superiority

  1. Lubricated-For-Life Ball Bearings
    The bearing in Delta Power Tools are lubricated-for-life and completely sealed to keep out harmful dust, dirt and grit. This greatly reduces maintenance costs and assures you of long, trouble-free service for your power tool.
  2. Precision Bored Bearing Seats
    Delta bearing seats are precision or "Diamond" bored. Result: the seat is absolutely smooth. The bearing fits closely, is tightly held and cannot loosen. With the seat perfectly round, true to size and in correct position, you get accurate, smooth and dependable bearing operation.
  3. Preloaded Bearings
    The preloading of bearings in Delta Power Tools removes inherent "end play." By so doing, the original accuracy of the machine is maintained over a longer period even when you usage puts excessive strain on bearing surfaces.
  4. Precision Ground Spindles, Arbors, and Collars
    Delta precision grinds spindles, arbors and collars with an accurately controlled grinding wheel. This exact sizes of parts are maintained and extremely close tolerances are held between the arbor and inner bearing race -- your assurance of full, even contact between arbor and bearing at all times.
  5. Dynamically Balanced Pulleys
    A high-speed pulley not in perfect balance causes vibration which places a tremendous strain on the bearings. For this reason Delta high-speed pulleys are dynamically balanced on a sensitive balancing machine. A small amount of metal is removed where any unbalanced weight is indicated. This helps insure smooth, accurate performance of your Delta Power Tool.

Delta Address - 1957 as identified in 1957 Power Tools Catalog.
Delta Power Tool Division - Rockwell Manufacturing Co.
400 N. Lexington Ave. Pittsburgh, PA


Delta Rockwell Power Tools - 1957

Delta 12 Inch Disk Sander
Delta 6 Inch Belt Sander
Delta 8 Inch Long Bed Jointer
Delta 6 Inch Long Bed Jointer
Delta 4 Inch Precision Jointer
Delta 10 Inch Tilting Arbor Table Saw & 6 Inch Long Bed Jointer Combination
Delta 12 Inch Tilting Arbor Table Saw
Delta 10 Inch Unisaw
Delta 10 Inch Tilting Arbor Bench Saw
Delta 9 Inch Tilting Arbor Bench Saw
Delta 16-20 Inch Radial Arm Saw
Delta 12-14 Inch Radial Arm Saw
Delta 10 Inch Portable Radial Arm Saw
Delta 900 9 Inch Radial Arm Saw
Delta Table Saw and Radial Arm Saw Accessories
Delta 14 Inch Band Saw
Delta 14 Inch Metal/Wood Cutting Band Saw
Delta 20 Inch Band Saw
Delta 13 Inch x 5 Inch Planer
Delta 24 Inch Scroll Saw
Delta Heavy Duty Wood Shaper
Delta 12 Inch Variable Speed Wood Lathe
Delta 12 Inch Standard Wood Lathe
Delta Lathe Accessories

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