Model 101.06242 Dunlap(Atlas) Lathe

by David Murray
(Moncton, NB Canada)

Sears-Roebuck lathe, Dunlap brand made by Atlas

Sears-Roebuck lathe, Dunlap brand made by Atlas

I bought this lathe from a friend who had it stored in his garage. He had inheirited it from someone years ago, and had no use for it. I took it apart, cleaned and lubricated it, and put it back together. The paint is original. Now to build a proper stand for it.

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Oct 19, 2011
old lathe
by: Jeff Summers

Your pic of the lathe is alot better looking than mine, most of the blue paint is wore off. I found a manual on Sears website saying it was made in June 1938. I'm still using the original motor. I have put an on/off switchbox beside the lathe to be able to switch it on and off without reaching over the lathe. That seemed dangerous! Having fun turning pens and peppermills.

Aug 28, 2011
101.06242 Lathe
by: Jeff Summers

I found this lathe was made in 1938. Working strong, made over 200 writing pens out of wood, acrylic, and corian. It is a real workhorse. Having trouble with the bearings freezing up, need to replace these. Need to get carbide tiped knives too.

Feb 19, 2011
Tool Rest for Craftsman Atlas Press Lathe 101.06241
by: mike

Have a working Craftsman Lathe manufactured by Atlas Press. Model 101.06241 looking to purchase hand tool rest assembly. (clamp,lock screw assembly,rest slide, and rest)

Dec 10, 2010
How Much for a Craftsman 101.06242 lathe
by: jay

I'm looking to sell a Craftsman Lathe Model No. 101.06242 high quality. Can you tell me what to ask for it.

Aug 08, 2010
Looking for another
by: Jordan

I have the exact same lathe. I purchased it for $50 two years ago. It is in perfect working order, just needed to add a motor and a belt. I have used it and it works beautifully, not as good as a brand new one, but it is nice to use an antique. I am working on a project right now, and I need to have a longer bed on the lathe, but I can't find anyone who has bed extensions. I was told by an antique dealer not to sell it for less than $900!

Sep 16, 2009
Owner's manual
by: Chris Witt

Can anyone help me find any type of owner?s manual of instructional guide how I use my lathe model # 101.06241 that an elderly man gave me? I used a lathe once in school shop about 25-30 years ago. How can a duplicate another piece of wood as a template?

Chris Witt ( )

" If you don't risk asking when you don't understand, there's no hope for you being anything but stupid." David Visscott,M.D.; Risking

May 15, 2009
Looking for cross slides
by: Eddie

I have a very similar 101.06241, or so I think that is the number for mine. My tag is missing.

I need the cross slides and tool holder for metal cutting on this machine. Can anyone help?


Mar 14, 2009
I've got one for sale...
by: California Chris

Hello, Gentlemen,
I've got one for sale (It's got the small metal logo plate that says: Atlas Quality Shop Equipment since 1911, Atlas Press Co.
Kalamazoo, Mich. U.S.A. - no motor or stand, but it is in excellent condition - just needs a good cleaning/oiling - VERY light surface rust on the runners. I've got no room (typical in this state!) - asking $100. If you are interested, give me a holler @:

I can send some photos - problem obviously would be cost of shipping, but if you are here out West, might be doable. Please feel free to pass this posting on to anyone who you know who might be interested.

Jan 27, 2009
Craftsman Lathe Model NO. 101.06242
by: Zorro9

Hello, would appreciate info on this lathe.
On the outboard side of my lathe, if I don't have a stop collar with a set screw on ot the spindle will move 1 inch to the right.
I would like to know if anyone has seen this and how's it fixed. Thank you
My e-mail is

Dec 29, 2008
looking to pull my lathe back to life
by: todd

I picked up my dunlap lathe at a tag sale for $20.00 and wold like to find the rest of it so I can possable use it . I have now moter and most of the thing is missing .

Dec 05, 2008
same lathe
by: Anonymous

I too have one am trying to find a spindle shaft for mine. The spindle shaft is worn and need a replacement shaft any ideas where I might find one?


Oct 30, 2008
same lathe
by: bob baker

I have one too. mine works wonderfully. I am however looking for a face plate for mine.
It has 1 inch left hand threads in it . if you can help contact me .

Oct 30, 2008
face plates
by: bob baker

i just got this same lathe in a trade i made.
it works great and i love to use it . i do however need a face plate for mine .
it is 8 inch and it has a 1 inch left handed thread for the spindle. if any one can help ,contact me at
thank you

Oct 23, 2008
Dunlap Lathe
by: Ron

I have the same lathe as well. I just got it from my father who inherited it from his father. Mine does not work at this time because I think it needs a motor. Any idea on where I can get one?

Aug 30, 2008
identical lathe,(with 1/2 h.p. motor)
by: jim

I just picked up an identical lathe,for $10 at a barn sale, im not a woodworker but it sounded incredibly cheap, I just had to unbolt it. it also came w/set of 8 tools,motor works forward /reverse ,any idea of value?!?

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