Model 3110 12" Light Heavyweight Bandsaw

by Dick Riley
(Lake Ozark, MO)

I acquired this bandsaw from a relative several years ago and just recently began restoring it. It had been in storage for probably 20 years before I got it, with a little rust, but completely intact, including the mitre gage. A week or so ago I began disassembling it, stripping it down to the last screw, cleaning the parts as I took them off. It is now 90% re-assembled with a beautiful gloss black finish, new bearings in the upper section, new lock washers where appropriate, and gun bluing on the table, which had some rust like most old saw tools. It's hard to believe the construction of these old tools, cast iron everywhere with heavier-than-necessary fittings and bearings. It feels like a luxury vehicle when making adjustmnets, smooth and precise.

I have another bandsaw which I use for most of my woodworking, so I probably won't use the Walker Turner, except to see what it will do. I will put a good 1/2 hp motor on it and run it a little below 1500 ft/min.

I have no idea what it would be worth if I decide to sell it, but if anyone is interested, I will be happy to send pictures. The parts list and operating manual are available on the intenet.

Dick Riley

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