Old Craftsman Drill Attachment

by Tom

Old Craftsman Drill Attachment

Old Craftsman Drill Attachment

Any one know any thing about this thing? I found it in a box of junk and it still works. It is made of brass,and the only thing written on it is Craftsman,no numbers. I hooked it to my drill and it still cuts.it a neat little jig saw attachment. I was wondering if any one knew what year it was from,or any other info out there for it. I searched the internet for hours with no luck. The only thing I saw was the circular saw attachment.thanks

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Feb 26, 2011
I have one in the box with 2 sets of instructions
by: Bob

I have one in the box with two sets of operating instructions and parts lists. It is a 4-page fold out. Model #605.25080, Catalog #9-2508

The instruction manual has a date of Sept 1952 on it the last page of the manual has the Saw attachment Cat 9-2606, Hedge trimmer Cat 9-2607, and sander - polisher Cat 9-2603 is listed for advertisement.

Give a call if you want more info - cell 206-799-1876


Jan 16, 2011
Old Craftsman Drill Attachment
by: Ron

I can confirm that it is difficult to find information; I have quite a few attachments and old drills, and have begun cataloging them. There doesn't seem to be any site or book with information concerning the tools that were used to convert a drill into some other function - but I have identified about 50 different TYPES, and several dozen manufacturers. They range from pencil sharpeners to hedge trimmers to car lifts, with an absolutely amazing variety of other functions (fish scaler, marijuana bud cleaner, putty remover, wood lathe.....).

I don't have a saber saw like that one, but I can show such tools on the market from 1930 at least into the 1960s and likely quite a bit later.

Oct 11, 2010
Craftsman roto-saw attachment
by: jazco

That tool appears to be a Craftsman Roto-saw attachment. I have a planer drill attachment with the manual and it shows a pic of your tool along with a couple more drill attachments tools made by Sears. It says: Convert your 1/4" drill (or larger) into a power saw and filing machine! Uses standard hack saw blades and files. For drills with spndle speeds of 1600 to 2500 rpm.

Aug 25, 2010
I have one too
by: Dustin

I got one with some lathe tooling that has some tabs to screw to the drill and a rod with a movable fixture with a wing nut and washer to attach to a hole for circle cutting, I too was looking for info on it.

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