Ryobi BT300 Table Saw

Ryobi BT3000 Table SawThe Ryobi BT300 Table Saw is a workhorse 10" saw for the professional as well as the amateur woodworker. The saw was designed to perform as a versatile, accurate, precision cutting tool that is easy to operate and it has some very nice features.

The Ryobi BT300 is equipped with the following features for convenience, ease of use, and high quality performance:

  • a combination saw blade
  • a bevel indicator to set the exact angle of the blade, with locking lever
  • an adjustable and reversible sliding miter table
  • an adjustable miter fence with miter indicator
  • an adjustable accessory table for routers
  • an adjustable rip fence with scale indicator
  • an adjustable riving knife (splitter) and blade guard with anti-kickback pauls
  • front and rear guide rails with and easy-to-read scale on the front rail
  • a dust exhaust that can be adapted to a standard shop vacuum
  • blade adjusting handle to set depth of cut
  • switch with lockable cover plate to help prevent unauthorized use.

Ryobi BT300 Table Saw Parts

There are many parts to the Ryobi BT3000 table saw. See the pictures and description of them below.

Powerful Motor

The BT3000 has a motor with a belt driven drive shaft. It requires 15 amps at 120 volts AC. The no load speed of the saw is approximately 4800 rpm. The speed will not remain constant but will be less under load.



ryobi bt300 table saw motor ryobi bt3000 table saw motor

Rip Fence

The rip fence is used to position work that will be cut lengthwise. A scale on the front rail shows the distance between teh rip fence and the blade.

ryobi bt300 table saw rip fence

ryobi bt300 table saw rip fence

ryobi table saw rip fence

Fence Rails with Scale  
Accessory Table or Router Table


ryobi bt3000 accessory table

Sliding Miter Table

ryobi bt300 sliding miter table

ryobi bt3000 table saw sliding miter table

Miter Fence ryobi bt300 table saw miter fence
On Off Switch  
Blade Guard  
Main Table  


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