Vintage Sears Sabre Saw

by Tony Gordon
(Lake Point, Utah)

Sears Sabre Saw

Sears Sabre Saw

I have this little sabre saw which has been kicking around for many years. I believe it came from my grandfather's house. It runs like a champ, no variable speed, just an on and off switch. I would love to hear any information about it. The metal tag on the underside belly reads: SEARS SABRE SAW-Develops Over 1/8 H.P.-115 VOLT A.C.-D.C.-1.8 AMPS-MODEL 315.6635- Tag Reads 5317-MADE IN U.S.A.-SEARS,ROEBUCK AND CO.-SIMPSONS-SEARS LTD.
It's a cool little saw once you get used to an on/off switch only! I have upgraded and would love to see it end up in someone's vintage collection.

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Feb 28, 2011
Sears Sabre Saw
by: Anonymous

U also have one same modal, works great. I wonder what year it is? I was thinking early 1900s?

Feb 08, 2011
Craftsman Vintage Sable Saw
by: greg askew

i bought 1 just like it at an estate sale price on it $5.00.but everyting was half off that day2.50.mine runs like a champ

Oct 09, 2010
Vintage Saber Saw
by: elmonova

Ha, I just bought this exact saw at a garage sale for $5. Didn't even haggle over the price. I look foreword to using!

Sep 21, 2010
Vintage Sears Sabre Saw
by: Bryan Campbell

I have an identical saw. What happened to yours? Did you find a buyer?
How much?

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