Walker Turner 14" Band Saw

by Frank Penberthy
(Southern California)

Walker Turner 14

Walker Turner 14" Band Saw

Been watching for one of these for a long time. Every time I found one it was way off in another state somewhere with it being way to heavy to ship and or they were asking way too much for it. So I have had to be patient.

Well good things come to those who wait as one finally popped up on Ebay in Costa Mesa, California less then 20 miles from my house and I was able to check it over before buying it to boot. It was all complete and had never been painted or restored before. Bingo, I bought it last Saturday 04/10/10.

I paid $325 loaded in my pickup. I know I will spend at least that much again restoring it. But then I will really have something special.

When I restore old classic woodworking machinery, which I love to do, I am not in a race. I take my time, I want it done right and that can cost a little extra cash and or running around to the machine shop or bearing shop, etc. But it is ALWAYS worth all the extra effort and cost in the end, because when you step up to that machine and need it to give you its very best, it will, day in and day out, for the rest of your life!

I like to have them looking and running as good or better then new, like most serious restorers do, but I really work my machines because that is what they are for and its how I make my living. So when it's done it my look like another pretty face sitting in the shop, but it will have piles and piles of sawdust under it on the floor after yielding cartloads of precision parts ready for the next milling operation.

As restoration in under way, I will post updated pictures and comments of the good, bad & ugly (as I will deal head on with all of that) as it comes to light.

Happy to be a new member of Old Woodworking Tools.



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